Day 20: CT

Mileage: 31.3Whew, I am exhausted. I’m a mile and a half from a pass, but don’t have enough in the tank to make it up and over. I think as far as elevation gain goes today I did about 6,000’. I’m camping alone in a gorgeous meadow above treeline and the clouds are just starting to turn gold and a few are pink. Today will be the biggest day I have done and will do on this trail.I got started around 6:30 and hiked the first few miles with the older man, trail name cobweb, I camped near last night. Most of the day was on a Jeep road passing through Meadows and tons of cows. It was nice to be able to just blast out miles and be constantly in awe of the rolling Alpine Meadows.Eventually the trail turns into a valley and for miles you can see the pass you are headed towards. The climb is slow and steady so it almost doesn’t even register, but it’s a very long way to the top. You follow a Creek the whole way and go in and out of Meadows getting views of the upcoming mountain range.I saw a muskrat looking animal today and a coyote. I’m tired. Two more days!

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